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Chinese father builds lavish ¥6m private kindergarten for son
Author: EnglishTeacher    2023-04-28


A father in China who spent 6 million yuan (US$870,000) building his three-year-old son an elaborate private kindergarten with unusual features like a huge tube slide instead of stairs has sparked debate on Chinese social media.

Star Video reported that the father, surnamed Li, from Lianyungang, Jiangsu province in eastern China, finished building the kindergarten in seven months, in time for when his son started school. Li’s kindergarten charges 3,980 yuan in fees per term, with only several children enrolled.


“I wanted to create a satisfying kindergarten environment for my son,” Li said.

A screenshot in the report revealed a bill for 450,000 yuan for the school’s design, and another showed the cost of the interior decorations and outside landscaping for more than 5 million yuan.


The school has movable curtain walls, extra large windows, special rooms for dance classes, colourful toilets, a library, gardens and fruit trees.

Li said he also wanted to nurture an enthusiasm for art in the students and had drawing boards placed in the classrooms.


“I also want a movie room so I can watch cartoons with my son,” Li said.

Then there are the more controversial additions, such as a huge stainless steel tube slide outside the teaching building to replace the “dull” staircases.


“All the teachers and children can slide down from the second floor. How happy they will be,” Li said.

The school also boasts an underfloor heating system.

“The winter here is too cold. What would I do if my son caught a cold?” Li said.


The story has divided opinions on social media, with some praising Li as kind while others thought the school was a wasteful vanity project and an example of poor parenting.

One person said: “Why don’t I have such a father? I’m so envious.”


Another commenter asked: “So, in three years will he build a primary school for his son?”

A more critical commenter said: “He definitely spoils his son,” while another, equally disapproving, said: “He is showing off, isn’t he?”


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