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Teacher trends on TikTok for teaching English in China despite..
Author: EnglishTeacher    2023-05-31


·A South African teacher in China has caused a stir on social media for her high-paying job and her curvy figure 

·TikTok user @phumzile_gamede was reportedly hired for a salary of R100K (about 40k RMB) to teach English in the Asian country 

·The video amused netizens and showed how brave the educator was to embark on a new venture in a different country 


A teacher from South Africa relocated to China to teach English. The woman shared a funny post about how she feels when she leads the language. 

TikTok user @phumzile_gamede is trending on social media after she uploaded a video of a famous sound used by the app. The woman played the recording of attempting to say the word "rhinoceros." 

While the teacher's curvy physique and high salary may have garnered attention, netizens were interested in how she got the job. 

The video garnered attention because the teacher claimed not to know English very well, leaving people shocked and questioning why she applied for it. 

Wanna-be English teachers weighed in on the matter: 

@genocoetzee said: "R100k for broken English, yoh." 

@James commented: "A rice on a what? R100k wasted expenditure." 

@Lindab said: "Do kids focus kodwa?" 

@mfundo commented: "R100k, Sis? That is a lot, is it per month? Or a signing fee?" 

@Luckiestgirl said: "Is it R100k per month? Does this amount include first-time teachers?" 

@Wawie12 commented: "It's rice on a rusk."

@Eseyeh said: "Nah, this is two different stories here. I feel it is not about the rice on the rocks here." 

In similar stories, we reported about a teacher who created a different teaching style for her students. 

A beautiful mathematics teacher impressed South Africans with her lesson and went viral on TikTok. 

The woman taught division sums in Setsotho and simplified the method for her students. The TikTok video went viral, and people urged the educator to create lengthier videos for higher grades. 

Source: Briefly News

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