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Family of British teacher raped and murdered in Doha write to England squad (1)
Author: EnglishTeacher    2022-11-24


A family whose daughter was raped and murdered in Qatar have written to Gareth Southgate and the England squad to tell her story and ask them to highlight her case during the World Cup.

Grieving mother Alison Patterson, 57, said she would like stars including Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford to spell the first letter of her daughter Lauren's name when they score a goal.

Lauren was teaching at a primary school in the capital Doha when she went missing in October 2013.

Her body was found in the desert after she was raped and murdered by Badr Hashim Khamis Abdallah al-Jabr in a brutal attack.

Lauren's family were told he would face a death sentence. But instead he was given only ten-and-a-half years in jail and her family were offered just £200,000 compensation, which barely covers their legal, travel and accommodation costs so far.

Now mother-of-three Alison has posted 27 letters – one to every England player and one to team manager Southgate – to the Football Association and the squad's relevant club addresses.

The retired teaching assistant said: 'I want all the England players to think about Lauren when they run on to the pitch.

'If just one of them made an L-shape after scoring a goal or winning a match it would honour Lauren and mean so much.'


Alison Patterson at her home in west Wales


The letter urges football stars to 'think of Alison's daughter and the many other victims who have been murdered in Qatar'


Lauren Patterson was 24 when she was raped and murdered in Doha by Badr Hashim Khamis Abdallah al-Jabr in 2013


Alison wants the England team and manager including Harry Kane and manager Gareth Southgate to know Lauren's story

The letter, which includes a photo of Lauren, congratulates players for being selected before explaining how the grieving family has been 'completely failed' by the Qatar legal system.

Alison added: 'He can get a job, get married and have a normal life, all things that he took away from my daughter.

'We feel we and Lauren have been denied proper justice - Qatar has never fully acknowledged the seriousness of what happened to my daughter.

'There has been no apology, no recognition of the terrible thing that happened to her and the ordeal we are still going through years later.'

'The World Cup is an opportunity for Qatar to show to the rest of the world that its society can be trusted.'

Lauren's family have previously spoken about how they were stunned when David Beckham was announced as an ambassador for the country and its 2022 Qatar World Cup and the country for a reported £150million over ten years.


It was a million to one chance that the body of murdered teacher Lauren Patterson was ever found after she was killed in Doha

640-5Alison Patterson with husband Kevin Crotty


Badr Hashim Khamis Abdallah al-Jabr

'I have never given up on getting justice for my daughter Lauren': Read Alison's letter to England squad 

My name is Alison Patterson and I am writing this letter to bring to your attention the murder of my daughter Lauren Patterson in Qatar in October 2013.

Firstly I would like to congratulate you on being chosen to represent England in the World Cup.

I am hoping that by you reading this letter you will think of my daughter and the many other victims who have been murdered in Qatar.

Lauren was a 24 year old teacher happily living and working in Qatar when, on a night out with friends she was raped, stabbed multiple times then taken out into the desert where she was burnt beyond recognition. So badly dental records were needed to identify as only 7kgs of Lauren remained.

Two Qatari nationals were arrested and found guilty.

Initially the Qatari government appeared to take this very seriously and the death penalty was passed.

Over the last 8 years the process has continually failed Lauren.

One of the murderers was released after a couple of years and the second one eventually only got 10 years.

I have never given up on getting justice for my daughter Lauren.

I have travelled to Qatar over 30 times for court hearings all held in Arabic with no translator on most occasions, being forced to stand at the side of the murderers of my daughter.

This highlights their total insensitivity.

Qatar has a beautiful facade but underneath it is far from beautiful with many other foreigners in their country being murdered all of whom have received little or no justice.

The human rights of workers especially in the construction of the infrastructure for the World Cup has been appalling.

For these reasons I am asking for any gesture you think would be appropriate to question this nation's history on human rights or to hi-light my daughter's case and the many others would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you Alison Patterson

At the time they said it felt like a slap to the face of the family who feel they have been unable to get justice for their daughter. 

Alison said at the time: 'David Beckham is wonderful at what he does for football but he needs to look at the human rights in Qatar. He is being very naïve.

'He must have heard about Lauren, he must have seen all the other things that have gone on out there.

'I don't understand how he can represent a country that cannot give justice.

'To be an ambassador for Qatar is like saying to all the people who look up to Beckham that everything is fine out there.

'I would love more than anything to sit opposite him and ask him: 'Why are you doing this?' How can you represent a country like Qatar when there are all these things going on in the background'?

'Do you think Qatar is a safe place for people to go to?'

When Lauren went missing Alison and her retired bond broker husband Kevin Crotty, 61, flew out to the Middle East where the British Consul informed them the badly burned body of a woman had been found in the desert.

The couple were told identifying the remains would be 'too traumatic' and Alison gave police a DNA sample which proved the body was Lauren.

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