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Family of British teacher raped and murdered in Doha write to England squad (2)
Author: EnglishTeacher    2022-11-24


Abdallah al-Jabr, who was with her on the night she vanished, was arrested and her parents were told he would face the death penalty for her murder.

But after being given just 10-and-a-half-years for the murder Alison and Kevin, Lauren's stepdad, fear al-Jabr could soon be freed. 

The couple are continuing to fight for justice for Lauren and say they will never give up.

The pair have visited Qatar more than 30 times over the last eight years and had to stand within touching distance of their daughter's killer in court.

In March 2014 Jabr was given the death sentence after the public prosecutor described Lauren's death as 'heinous and shocking to Qatar society'.

At Jabr's appeal Alison was asked to opt for 'retribution, compensation or forgiveness'. When she stood up in court and said: 'I do not forgive' the judge stood by the original death sentence.

But in May 2018 the decision was overturned by the Court of Cassation, the highest level of the Qatari judicial system.

The couple have since hand-delivered letters to Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, asking him to intervene in the case but never received a response.

Alison said: 'From the start we took the decision to respect their laws and systems, we didn't want to rock the boat.

'But it is farcical and no parents should be put through what we've endured over the last eight years

'At one court hearing I had to stand next to my daughter's killer as a re-enactment video was played to the court.


'I literally had to watch as he did all the things he did to Lauren on a screen.

'I was so close I could have touched him.

'It was all in Arabic, I can remember standing there and my legs were like jelly.

'Kevin wasn't allowed to hold my hand or stand next to me for support, you're not allowed to do that over there.'

The couple never wanted Jabr to be executed for the murder but hoped a death sentence would mean he would be locked up for life.

Instead they have been told he could be released in 2023, just months after the World Cup tournament.

Alison said: 'For what he did and the way he did it he's not someone who deserves to have his freedom - ever.

'He's dangerous man, if you've got the mindset to go to those lengths then surely he could do it again.

'When he is freed he can get married, have children and live his life to the full.

'Lauren had everything to live for, but she won't ever experience any of those things.

'All that's been taken away.

'Two of her closest friends are getting married this year - I can't help but think that could have been Lauren.'


More than £40,000 was raised through an online Justice for Lauren appeal, the couple have downsized their home and taken out loans.

Alison said: 'On numerous occasions I've thought I can't do this any more, the constant battles, the back and for visits to Qatar.

'For the last eight years every part of my life has been about trying to get justice for Lauren.

'It never goes away.

'It's still not finished, we still want justice for Lauren.

'But if I'm honest I don't think that will ever happen.'


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