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Anhui teacher busted for offering paid tutorial
Author: EnglishTeacher    2021-07-29


A teacher in Huangshan, East China's Anhui Province, was busted by a local education authority after parents exposed him for offering students with paid tutorials secretly. After-school tutorials are banned under new regulations recently issued by the government, any teacher found offering them will have his/her qualification revoked.  

Staffer from the local education authority busted the teacher outside of a fancy villa, after receiving tip-offs from parents that the teacher, surnamed Lü, was giving students paid tutorials in the villa.


When local media closely followed the case, they found students coming in and out of the villa every day. 

The Huangshan education bureau is currently investigating the case and it is expected to exert a severe punishment. The government body also said that it holds "zero tolerance" towards teachers offering paid tutorials.

Local media reported that some teachers from a renowned local high school are often found offering paid tutorials in their own houses, or give lessons online. Each session of the tutorial costs up to 1,000 yuan ($153), which has increased families' financial burden. 


China's Ministry of Education recently issued a slew of measures to strictly regulate after-school tutoring business. The new regulations prohibit teachers from offering after-school paid tutorials, those who are found will have their qualifications revoked. 

The Ministry also launched recently a nine-month campaign targeting teachers offering paid tutorials. It holds zero tolerance towards teachers offering after-school tutorial classes.

640-4Source: Global Times

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